Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Hurrmmm....bila bercakap tentang CINTA... all people will say.." wow...i want to be in love"
 n ada juga yang say.." best nye fall in love ni...sgt bahagia..".
But actually for me... I believe that LOVE is like a game. A tarik tali game.
Because as a partner we have to have gives and takes and we have to understand each other condition to be happy couple. But kadang - kadang I feel macam CINTA ni buta in english LOVE IS BLIND n sometimes I hate to fall in LOVE. LOVE bkan bagi aku dapat 4.00 in my final exam pon... But bile I'm wacthing drama2 korean and Japanese yg I sangat edicted tu.. I feel like i wanna fall in LOVE.. But for me as 21 years old gurl..still don't have luck to have someone special lagi.. Tp I'm confident enough that someday..there would be someone who will LOVE me approach me... I tell u guys... LOVE is an advanture..! For my last word... please don't be affraid or ego to say
I LOVE U to your partner. Or.. u can say it in different language like.. SARANGHAEYO..<3 WO AI NI <3
AISHITERU <3 Main TumSE pyaR karTihu..<3

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