Friday, 29 October 2010


                   TO : THE ONE WHO WAS MY FRIEND
Dear Kamoo..
I'm very sad with the reaction that i got from someone that was my best friend and his gender..= male.
Why dia nak kene act camtu kat akoo..?? did i do something wrong..?? Pe masalah ko arr...? If ade problem dgn akoo..just bagi taw je la...
Actually i don't anggap u as a man laa.. xminat pon. U are just my ordinary best friend larh... no heart feeling at all. It's up to you larh nak percayakan sape...maybe kamoo banyak dengar cerita yg kurang baek pasal akoo kot.. ann..?? so xpelah..  Just continue what you are doing to me right now ok. Akoo tak amek hati pon..
Cuz all my friend know that i'm "hati batu" and "keras kepale" 
(cewah cam lagu 2NE1 - Idon't care tu je.)hehe..PEACE YA'LL..!!


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