Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Girl First Love or More to One-sided Love?

Yeah~! After sekian lama cuba ingat balik password blog last dpt gak ingat~ Ngehehe.. So, With the background music of korean drama ost..terasa nk taip sesuatu..It's a story about a girl first love.When a girl reached the age of 20th.. she will probably have a lot of thing to handle as compared to their teenage life. Lots of burden n responsibilities. For an example, responsibilities as a student, as a daughter and an example for their siblings. One thing that a girl never will missed is the first love, can also be call monkey love. But, not all girls dpt rasa 1st love.. it could be one-sided love. Biasa la.. bukan semua suka kita bila kita suka kat orang tu.( even xde pengalaman..but i know it from my friends experiences, one-sided love are more painful). Wahaha.. macam pelik je bila nk taip pasal ni..yela.. i'm not a professional writers. Ok..back to the story. A 22 years old young girl got into college..(it's a long story pendekkan je la ye..) She makes lots of friends and  at the same time she have a best friends which is a boy called David. She doesn't even think that she will fall for him.So.. biasa la.. lepak here..lepak there.. as all friends in the world would do. As a year past, she start to realized that David have his own attraction..hey.. tell me..which girls on earth that doesn't want a gentleman,nice,handsome,loving and most of all care about others(in positive ways) kannn?? Ohh..oohhh~!! lupa nak story.. this girl kenal David pun because he was her classmate.. and David sendiri yang start approach her cuz he knows yang this girl lambat approach orang and the girl are still clueless where did he got her handphone number. This girl banyak kali fikir patut ke dia bg taw her feelings kat David ni. Then when she was ready to told him, suddenly the girl dapat tau yang David has a girlfriend.Okay lah.. sampai sini je dulu story ni.. bakal dismbung bila tibe2 datang mood menaip lagi..To be continue. ^^v Annyeong~
P/S: Sorry le if ade grammatical error ke hape ke.. dah lama x mengarang in english.. hahaha utk mnyenangakn pemahaman..sbnarnye citer ni past-tense ye.. ngehehe past is past la kan.. but not my story ya.. dgr dr org...