Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hi~! What's Up~!!? Long time huh..~

WOW~! After a few years.. at last.. I am back as a blogger. So, what do you guys know about internship..?  Actually apa yang aku rase sebenarnye pasal internship ni is kita dilatih or di ajar tentang how's actually the working industry is in the real life. From what I've been through.. actually dlm alam pekerjaan ni tak lah macam mane yang saya pikiaq.. bukan macam drama2 korea yg saya tgk tu..huhuhu. Tapi kdg2 tu aku rasa sesetengah company tak taw apa maksud sebenar internship cuz ade yg buli budak2 intern ni. They will ask the intern to do something that does'nt even relevent work to do such as photocopying,arranging document,and something that not gonna give the student any advantage at all.. For my opinion, companies should give them a task or a project so that the student BRAIN will function more creative,innovative and more intellectual. Lagi 1 yg aku tak faham is WHY? WHY? at the same time kne buat research paper? Why don't just do the report? Kadang2 research paper ni macam a bit mengganggu cuz selain intern akan busy dengan kerja dorunk kat tempat dorunk praktikal, dorunk jugak akan stress dgn research paper. Kalau research paper dorunk relate ngan dorunk nye internship takpe but ade yang tak relate cuz what they've doing during their intern doesn't have to do with what they have learn.  So, persoalan nye.. is this gonna help student to excel in their studies ? for me.. I don't think so.. but everyone have their own opinion. What ever it is.. Enjoy ur life kay~ Gluck~!!! ^^v Fighting! Aja!

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