Friday, 21 January 2011

FriendShip is the ship that cannot sink..!

                           Assalamualaikum..~~ Huhu..lame an xupdate my blog... I'm a bit bz meyh..
Okay.. now i wanna talk about friendship. Ramai org have the affiliation needs rite..?? So frenzz ni la tempat kitew ngadu naseb,sharing some story n secret.. n mcm2 lg... But sometimes kwn leh mkn kwn...
Tp setiap individu xkan lari ngan masalah camni.. so we have to be careful in da finding of good frenzz..

(O.o) ermm... ag ape ye maw citer... nnt lah..ble adew citer bru.. sye update lg... anhyeong..~~ ^^v

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